Sant Fruitós De Bàges Wastewater Treatment Plant

Sant Fruitos

The Aigües de Manresa municipal wastewater treatment plant at Sant Fruitós De Bàges-Narvarcles-Santpedor in NE Spain has to deal with uncontrolled industrial discharge leading to high nitrogen inlet loads, consists of two plug flow aeration lanes with variable speed blowers and flow control valves. Historically control was by means of a fixed pressure set point in the main air manifold and a fixed dissolved oxygen set point in the aeration lanes. Under these operating conditions, the plant frequently failed to meet the 15mg/l total nitrogen discharge consent, especially during winter periods.

Controlling Nitrogen Removal
Aigüesde Manresa decided to install a new control system using the CREA® intelligent platform, with AI modules for denitrification (N-Control), aeration optimisation (MOV-Control), sludge recycling (RASi-Control) and sludge age (SRT-Control). As well as utilising existing instrumentation, they also added new ammonia and nitrate specific ion analysers and optical MLSS probes.

Continuously optimising the process performance using the CREA® platform has ensured not only that the treated effluent quality is always met, but has also allowed the works to handle an increase of 30% in total nitrogen load whilst using fewer resources and reducing carbon footprint. Since installing the CREA® system, the Sant Fruitós De Bàges-Narvarcles-Santpedor works has reduced energy consumption by 15% per m3 of raw sewage treated and 49% per kg ammonia removed.

"The results of implementing the platform have gone over and beyond our expectations, allowing us to meet nitrogen discharge limits without the need to make any significant investment in the plant”, says Antoni Ventura, Aigües de Manresa’s General Manager. “All in all, this not only resulted in increased treatment capacity and energy efficiency, but also in optimal process stability and sludge quality.

Intelligent control solutions in the UK
Te-Tech’s extensive capabilities in MCC, control panels, system integration is strengthen by our relationship with CREA@ for the design and implementation of artificial intelligence solutions

Te-Tech’s experienced team of electrical, control, software and process engineers specialise in integrating designs with the full capability to deliver complete process solutions, from panel design & manufacture, Systems Integration software and CREA® intelligent software into both new and legacy systems.

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Key Benefits


Creapro® improves treatment of variable nitrogen loads

N-Control, MOV-Control and SRT-Control modules

30% increase in TN treated

15% reduction in energy consumption

Full compliance with discharge consent

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