ICA Improvements and Chlorination, Portsmouth Water


Program of works for 19 site upgrades to design, manufacture, install and commission ICA (Instrument Control & Automation) systems with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) to replace existing installations with relay, timer and trip amplifier logic. This work to include incorporation a chemical dosing process (Chlorination) into the ICA control, writing of the process control software and screens for the HMI (Human Machine Interface) panel.

  • 5 No. ICA (Instrumentation, Control & Automation) System Replacements
  • 3 No. ICA (Instrumentation, Control & Automation) System Upgrades
  • 1 No. Booster Station MCC with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Control
  • 1 No. Telemetry Outstation Installation
  • 4 No. Soft Starter Upgrades
  • 5 No. Power Metering Section Upgrades
  • 7 No. Chlorine Gas Detection System Replacements
  • 11 No. Chemical Dosing System Replacements

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