About Us

About Us

Te-Tech Process Solutions is a provider of advanced process technologies and conventional products for industrial, municipal and commercial water and wastewater treatment. Our products cater for a range of client needs from standardised products to engineered solutions designed to meet the exacting needs of the client’s process.


Meet The Team

Ashton Dewey

Chief Operating Officer

Ashton has over 15 years experience dedicated to the water sector working across client, contracting and consulting teams. Ashton’s career started in electrical engineering and has progressed holding a range of senior positions across digital technology, project management, asset management, business development and innovation.


Mike Froom

Business Development Director

Mike has over 35 years experience in business development, contract and project management in the construction sector, with over 25 years dedicated to the water sector. Mike has held senior management positions as part of the executive management team and is a current Non-Executive Director of British Water and past Chairman of the UK Water Forum

Mike Froom

Dr. Claire Trant

Specialist Research Consultant

Claire has a BSc from Imperial College London in Physics and MSc in Petroleum Geophysics. Previously a Digital Energy Markets Risk Consultant, Claire was selected as a Fellow of RSA. Awarded a PhD with Rolls-Royce plc in their engine development programme developing next generation commercial aerospace jet engine turbine blade alloys. Research in lifing and fatigue of gamma titanium aluminides. Published multiple papers including in European Journal of Physics and Metallurgical and Materials Transactions: A. Presented at multiple international conferences including: 12th International Fatigue Congress, Strategic Partnership in Structural Metallic Systems for Gas Turbines and 14th World Conference on Titanium.

Claire Trant

Stuart Rice

General Manager - Automation, Control and Technology

Early in Stuart’s career he developed a keen eye for detail and a focus on ensuring an excellent customer experience in his role as a Control Systems engineer. This has proved invaluable in developing the Automation, Control and Technology business and has led the diversification into digital technology and virtual reality. Stuart's skills ensure Te-Tech operates with the same attention to detail and focus on excellent customer engagement and experience to ensure the successful completion of all our project, regardless of size.

Stuart R Rice

Ben Hazard

Process Engineer

Ben is an experienced process engineer with a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from Loughborough University. He started his career as an engineering graduate for Affinity Water and has since delivered process solutions on a range of water and wastewater treatment schemes. More recently, he has developed the water and wastewater treatment product portfolio. Ben will continue to develop the innovative treatment processes and provide process engineering expertise to our clients.

Ben Hazard

David Pickard

Solutions Specialist

David is a mechanical engineer with over 40 years experience in water and wastewater treatment engineering both in the UK and overseas. Working for process contractors in various roles ranging from project engineer to proposals director with extensive overseas experience in Africa, Far East, Middle East, Central America and Eastern Europe, David has amassed vast knowledge and experience in process technologies and products. David's involvement in the engineering development of package water and sewage treatment systems has led to the successful introduction of new technologies into the market.

David Pickard

Gemma Jones

Marketing Co-ordinator

Gemma provides Te-Tech with marketing and business development support. She has worked in marketing for over 16 years and supports the strategic growth and business development of Te-Tech.

Gemma Jones

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