High efficiency reverse osmosis

Our next generation high efficiency reverse osmosis technology provides industry leading concentration rates with unparalleled energy efficiency, all with a highly compact footprint.

Unlike conventional reverse osmosis, our proprietary SAM50 system can achieve a higher recovery within a smaller footprint by recirculating the feedwater around the membrane.​

Our patented pressure exchange process dramatically reduces the average pressure in the system and therefore the energy consumption.

Working with our partner, Salinity Solutions, Te-Tech can offer scalable, modular systems to cater for a wide range of treatment needs, volumes and pressures. 

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Modular and scalable

Highly energy efficient

up to 50x brine concentration

up to 98% water recovery

10 years of research & development

‘Plug & play’ installation

Patent protected

Engineered in the UK

Small footprint

Whole system fits inside 20ft container

Salinity Solutions


 Water & wastewater treatment

 Food & beverage




 Power & energy

 Data centres


 Water reuse

 Effluent treatment

 Nutrient removal

 Ultrapure Water 

 Mineral extraction

 Brine minimisation


 Leachate treatment

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