The te-MBBRTM (Moving Bed Bioreactor) is a highly efficient biological treatment process based on conventional activated sludge treatment but incorporating a biofilm media. The biofilm media or carriers provide a large protected surface area to increase biological growth and enhance the removal of BOD, ammonia and nitrogen. The te-MBBRTM is therefore an ideal solution to provide additional treatment capacity and achieve tightening discharge consents.

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MBBR Plant 6
MBBR Plant 4

The te-MBBRTM process holds a volume of media within a new or existing aeration tank, this media provides a large protected surface area (up to 800m2/m3 of media) for the microorganisms to attach and grow. The media is continuously agitated and held in suspension by the process air from the aeration system, this maintains a healthy and consistent biomass increasing the capacity of the system to treat higher loads more effectively. The media is retained in the aeration tanks with a series of sieves on the inlet and outlet to the tanks.

The te-MBBRTM can be provided as a bespoke design or standard package treatment solution suitable for municipal and industrial applications. The te-MBBRTM can be used as a pre-treatment process to remove loading upstream of existing biological treatment processes, used as a stand alone biological treatment stage, or as a tertiary treatment stage for polishing.


★ Easy to operate

★ Large protected surface area

★ Compact Footprint

★ Increased Treatment Capacity

★ Enhanced Process Stability and Resistance to shock loading


★ BOD/COD Removal

★ Nitrification

★ Denitrification

★ Municipal Wastewater

★ Industrial Wastewater

★ Food & Beverage

★ Pulp & Paper

★ Aquaculture

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