CREA® - The Intelligent Control Platform for Wastewater Treatment Works

CREA® is an intelligent control platform and the core feature behind our Asset Optimisation service. CREA® enables maximum plant performance and efficiency by minimising energy requirements and chemical reliance, whilst ensuring effluent quality and process reliability. Applicable for both new builds and legacy systems, CREA® is able to extend the life of new and existing wastewater assets.

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Advanced Data Analysis – using artificial intelligence algorithms, classic mathematical models and Expert Knowledge based on fuzzy logic, pattern recognition and machine learning.

Real-time data monitoring – of quality parameters, equipment performance, energy cost movements and weather forecasts.

Intelligent Operational Control – management of wastewater treatment processes in real-time, providing decision-support and directly enacting decisions to maximise process performance.

Optimisation of Key Treatment Processes – including; aerobic and anaerobic biological processes, chemical dosing, sludge age, recycling and sludge thickening, dewatering and digestion etc.

24/7 Optimisation – continuous optimisation to ensure wastewater treatment processes are operating at peak efficiency all the time.

Platform flexibilityCREA® is the perfect option for large and small treatment works, for both new and legacy builds, of any process configuration, aeration technology, treatment processes, control system, with any quality requirements.

Benefits of Asset Optimisation & CREA® intelligent control:

Maximise process performance, reliability and overall plant efficiency
Ensure effluent quality
Reduce energy & chemical consumption
Lower operating costs
Increase treatment capacity
Extend the life of wastewater assets

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One Platform, Unlimited Solutions

CREA® can be deployed in a multitude of scenarios, for any size works, with any treatment setup and quality requirements. The platform provides solutions to meet any energy, chemical and cost reduction goals. For example, CREA® can be used to optimise:

Aeration energy consumption using dynamic DO control (See Case Study: La Farfana)

Sludge recycling & wasting (See Case Study: Sant Fruitós)

Nitrification, including optimising SRT depending on influent TN (See Case Study: Sant Fruitós)

Denitrification, with dynamic setting of anoxic cycles (See Case Study: Serzedelo)

Chemical dosing for P removal & final effluent turbidity (See Case Study: Manresa)

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Part of our complete Asset Optimisation service

Alongside the CREA® intelligent control platform, our complete Asset Optimisation service for wastewater treatment works includes:

Real-time data monitoring - utilisation of existing instrumentation and addition of new instrumentation to measure key wastewater treatment process parameters, to be fed into the CREA® platform.

In-house design & fabrication - of control panels & MCCs using industry standard PLCs and SCADA systems for deployment on industrial networks including Ethernet, Profibus, ProfiNet, DH+, Modbus and Asis.

Installation & integration - of control systems, instrumentation, hardware & software to allow process control systems to interact with plant hardware.

CREA® Case Studies

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