The te-safTM is an established and proven treatment process for the reduction of BOD, suspended solids and ammonia with the versatility to be utilised as a roughing filter, carbonaceous or nitrification stage of the wastewater treatment process.

The packaged te-safTM is designed with simplicity of operation and maintenance in mind. The structured media is contained in steel cages to allow easy removal without draining the tank down and the aeration system air diffusers can be retracted from access hatches on the side of the units at ground level.

These units are suitable for plant upgrades or treatment at smaller sites on a permanent or temporary basis. The te-safTM units are available for short, or long term hire for emergency treatment during plant failure or planned maintenance and shutdowns whilst upgrading existing assets.

GA 16

The te-safTM is an up flow biological treatment process utilising a fixed film structured plastic media, caged in a stainless steel support frame for ease of removal. The media provides a large, protected surface area for the attachment and growth of the aerobic bacteria.

The te-safTM works by passing screened wastewater through a series of specially designed treatment zones containing the structured media. A stable and effective environment to promote the biological activity is created through careful design of the air and water distribution. This uniform mixing pattern and stable environment provides protection from fluctuations in the influent characteristics and from shock or toxic loads. The high media porosity and media voidage eliminates the need for backwashing, protecting the biological process and reducing operational costs.

Automated control is provided by our in-house manufactured Form 2 or Form 4 control panels and will conform to client’s specific and general specifications and comply with BS EN 61439-2:2011.     

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