The  te-memTM process uses the submerged organic hollow fibre membranes which are wrapped around a carrier inside a cartridge and arranged in bundles. The cartridge provides the required strength and protection for the hollow fibre membranes and allows the application of high pressure air scouring for cleaning purposes, this turbulent air scouring results in high cleaning efficiencies.

The cartridges are combined in modules with air scour and filtrate connections.

The pore size of the membranes allows for the removal of bacteria and viruses. Its compact design makes the modules suitable for grey water / water re-use, as well as conventional water and wastewater treatment applications.


·       Drinking water treatment
·       Wastewater treatment
·       Grey water treatment
·       Ground and surface water treatment
·       Water re-use
·       Remote applications and mobile water treatment plants


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·       Compact – High packing density provides a small footprint
·       Simple – Easy operation, access and maintenance
·       Performance – Robust fibres with anti-fouling properties and effective air scour cleaning system
·       Flexible – Individual simple cartridge replacement
·       Versatile – Submerged arrangement avoids external pipework
·       Cost Effective – Ease of operation and low energy demand
·       Resilient – Hollow fibres highly resistant to oxidative chemicals protected in a strong cartridge design

The te-memTM technology is based upon the application of immersed organic hollow fibre membranes for ultrafiltration in water and wastewater treatment systems. 

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