Our containerised UV disinfection system is manufactured in sizes up to 500m3 / hr. It has been designed to be rapidly deployable, where there is a need to minimise water supply downtime. Our solution is fully compliant with the DWI Regulation 31 and has been designed around the specific water industry requirements set out in WIMES. 

Designed in standard ISO 20ft containers, multiple units can be connected to deal with a range of treatment capacity requirements and can be installed to provide 100% treatment duty and 100% standby redundancy capacity. Bespoke pipework layouts can be configured to accomodate exitsing pipeline arrangements on site. For easy isolation and maintenance, actuated butterfly valves are installed upstream and downstream of the UV reactor. UPS battery back up can be provide to provide constant protection if in power outages or in areas of unstable power supply. 

UVDP - Pipework

The package is designed as a standalone unit and is supplied with pre and post Uvt monitoring systems complete with a dedicated hygienic sampling station. Local control panel are designed and manufactured in-house to suit client’s specific and general specifications. 

  • SR Security ratings
  • 100% Duty UV Chamber
  • 100% Standby UV Chamber
  • 316L Stainless Steel Pipework
  • Electrically Actuated Inlet and Outlet Valves
  • Sampling Points
  • Flow Meter
  • Uvt Monitors & Instrument Back Board
  • Local control panels designed and manufactured by Te-Tech Process Solutions

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