Wastewater trial at vertical farm

Our next generation high efficiency reverse osmosis technology provides industry leading concentration rates with unparalleled energy efficiency, all with a highly compact footprint. We have created a manufacturing partnership with Salinity Solutions and cannot wait to show you the progress so far.

Unlike conventional reverse osmosis, our proprietary SAM50 system can achieve a higher recovery within a smaller footprint by recirculating the feedwater around the membrane.​ The patented pressure exchange process dramatically reduces the average pressure in the system and therefore the energy consumption.

Working with our partner, Salinity Solutions, Te-Tech can offer scalable, modular systems to cater for a wide range of treatment needs, volumes and pressures. 

Salinity Solutions teamed up with indoor salad producer GrowUp Farms in Sandwich, Kent, for a 10 -day trial. Wastewater from the growing process, as well as elsewhere on the site, was collected and re-circulated twice, using a unique pressure system. Te-Tech Process Solutions manufactured and delivered the SAM50-25.

Liam Burlace from Salinity Solutions said: “The aim here is to treat water better, so we want to extract as much fresh water as possible, whilst minimising the energy consumption of the system.”

Read more here Kent farm trials new wastewater treatment technology – BBC News and watch the BBC clip below.


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