Te-Tech Integrate PLC for UV Plant for Portsmouth Water

Te-Tech Integrate PLC for UV Plant for Portsmouth Water

When Portsmouth Water needed an emergency Cryptosporidium inactivation treatment process at one of their water treatment works

  07 Feb, 2023

Te-Tech install te-ion advanced oxidation technology at Severn Trent’s Chipping Campden works

Wastewater Treatment and Automation & Control System specialists, Te-Tech Process Solutions, install and integrate te-io

  31 Jan, 2023

Te-Tech Provide Control System Integration Services to Cruise Ships across Europe & the Caribbean

A cruise ship is very much like a floating town. It serves its population of around 2000 with hotels, bars, restaurants, retail outl…

  31 Jan, 2023

Wastewater treatment technology for the beverage industry to safeguard the environment

As more and more consumers consider the products they buy and companies they invest in, manufacturing companies are increasingly

  25 Jan, 2023

Te-Tech offers package nutrient removal technology to help protect UK waterways

Advanced cyclic activated sludge technology will allow water companies and developers to achieve the new proposed nutrient cons

  16 Jan, 2023

Severn Trent choose te-ionTM Advanced Oxidation to reduce Sludge Bulking

Severn Trent has awarded Te-Tech a contract to install te-ionTM at its Chipping Campden wastewater treatment works. Like many act…

  16 Aug, 2022

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