The Problem of APIs

The Problem of APIs

For many years we have seen growing evidence of the deleterious effects of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in the natura

  28 Jun, 2022

Tackling Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients in Wastewater

The water industry national environment programme (WINEP) is concentrating on catchment and nature-based solutions to prevent …

  07 Jun, 2022

Reducing Sludge Bulking without Chemicals

There are few activated sludge wastewater treatment plants – both municipal and industrial – that haven’t, at some time, suffered …

  06 Jun, 2022

Using Artificial Intelligence to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Over a decade ago, ‘A Low Carbon Water Industry in 20501 ’report was issued by the Environment Agency as part of its Resource Efficie…

  24 May, 2022

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Artificial Intelligence – The Future of the UK Water Industry

Most process industries, from oil refining through to pharmaceutic…

  01 Dec, 2021

Get your ACT together with accurate UV dosing!

Portsmouth Water’s Westergate WTW treats up to 22Ml/d of water from three boreholes and supplies potable water to Littleheath ser…

  12 Oct, 2021

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