Morpheus was right after all

Intelligent machines are taking over (wastewater treatment at least). Stuart Rice assesses the use of Artificial Intelligence in control systems for Wastewater Treatment Works.

The release of the fourth movie in the Matrix series, Matrix Resurrections, seems like an appropriate time to look at how machines with artificial intelligence are taking over many process control functions. Control systems everywhere are undergoing radical change, including in the municipal wastewater treatment sector. However, unlike most process industries, which have consistent operating conditions, with controlled feed stocks and carefully planned production, the water industry’s “feedstock” is whatever comes down the sewer, with massive variations in flow and quality depending on the season, the weather and the time of day. Even with the best conventional control systems, many wastewater treatment works frequently over-aerate, adding to energy costs, or under-aerate leading to performance problems. Similarly, chemical dosing controllers all too often over- or under-dose because they cannot respond quickly enough to changes in influent quality. This is where intelligent control platforms come in.

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Article featured in Process & Control Magazine

Stuart Rice

About the Author: Stuart Rice

General Manager – Automation, Control and Technology
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