Intelligent control systems are the future

Stuart Rice looks at improving the performance of wastewater treatment works.

Like all industries, wastewater treatment can do its part to become “greener” by increasing efficiency and reducing both energy consumption and reliance on chemicals. But the sector is challenged with highly variable influent streams, ever-tightening discharge consents and climate change. Extreme weather events and increasingly drier summers and wetter winters cause huge variations in flow and quality both seasonally and diurnally. Continuous optimisation of wastewater treatment assets can tackle these dramatic fluctuations in influent conditions and ensure that treatment works are operating at peak efficiency all the time. This can be achieved by using an intelligent control system.

Intelligent control systems are able to provide 24/7 management and optimisation of wastewater treatment assets. Learning from historical data and analysing real-time data feeds of process parameters, an intelligent platform can support or directly enact decisions to maximise process performance. Some systems are capable of predictive responses; they can anticipate changes in influent characteristics and prepare a response before they happen. Not only destined for new builds, intelligent control systems are able to improve legacy systems by optimising their performance and extending the life of existing assets.

Find out about the benefits of intelligent control systems to the water industry, including a case study detailing how our CREA® intelligent platform helps deal with variable high nitrogen inlet loads from industrial effluents…

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