Hire Option Saves the Day at Leeds WTWs

Te-Tech’s te-saf™ submerged aerated filter has come to the rescue at Southern Water’s Leeds WTWs in Kent. The works treats wastewater from the surrounding villages and from the popular tourist attraction Leeds Castle – known as “the loveliest castle in the world”.

When a new and tighter nitrate consent was introduced to protect the environmentally sensitive River Len, Southern Water’s framework contractor BTU approached Te-Tech Process Solutions.

Te-Tech was able to offer a te-safunit for immediate deployment on a hire contract while Southern Water engineered a permanent solution. With logistics and cranage coordinated, the plant was installed and ready to go within hours of arrival on site together with its self-contained, portable control skid which houses the blowers and control system. In a matter of a few days, the te-saf™ was achieving 70% reduction in ammonia improving the site’s compliance.

te-saf™, a proven treatment process, is available on a temporary or permanent basis. 

For details https://www.te-tech.co.uk/products/wastewater-treatment-products/te-saf

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