Game-Changing Water Treatment Technology to Become Commercially Available Across the World

Te-Tech Process Solutions Signs Manufacturing Partnership with Salinity Solutions.

Specialist water process engineering company, Te-Tech Process Solutions, has signed an agreement with start-up Salinity Solutions, to begin production of bespoke water treatment systems, which has been described as “the biggest advance in water treatment for 50 years”.  Te-Tech will manufacture and market Salinity Solutions’ patented, batch reverse osmosis technology, which delivers significant advantages over conventional reverse osmosis technology.

From left to right, Jim, Tim, Liam, Ashton, Jonathan, Steve, Richard, Ben and Mike

The batch reverse osmosis technology, uses 50% less energy, purifies up to 98% of the water and generates 80% less waste than conventional methods, while it is also compact and easily transportable. Salinity Solutions’ SAM50 is the first batch RO product in the world to be manufactured commercially. SAM50 offers a sustainable, low energy and environmentally friendly approach that reduces both carbon footprint and operating costs to make drinking water more affordable and accessible.

Te-Tech COO, Ashton Dewey, said: “At Te-Tech, we’re always looking to expand our portfolio of cutting-edge technologies and this agreement is a significant and exciting milestone as we introduce a new and innovative product to our customers.”

Tim Naughton, co-founder of Salinity Solutions, said:“Signing this agreement with Te-Tech is a pivotal moment for us on our path to commercialisation. After over ten years of research and development of our pioneering, low-carbon technology, we’re excited to now be able to start taking orders and producing systems for our customers’ needs.”

Salinity Solutions’ technology was co-developed by Tim, while studying mechanical engineering at Aston University and later at the University of Birmingham, working alongside Professor Philip Davies, Head of Water Technology Research. Salinity Solutions was founded in 2021 to commercialise a more sustainable, energy-efficient solution for water treatment.

Salinity Solutions’ CEO, Richard Bruges said: “We are excited to be working with Te-Tech as we scale up production to meet the demands of customers across a wide range of municipal and industrial water treatment applications including water re-use, ultrapure water production, mineral extraction, brine minimisation and effluent treatment. Te-Tech’s reputation and expertise in the municipal and industrial wastewater markets will provide us with the support and resources to grow our manufacturing and distribution and to rapidly accelerate the growth of the business that we started just two years ago.”

About Salinity Solutions

Salinity Solutions addresses the two biggest challenges in sustaining human life on earth – water and energy. The University of Birmingham spin-out, established in 2021, has developed a game-changing batch reverse osmosis water purification technology, which uses half the energy of traditional methods. Its patented, commercially viable solution is believed to be the biggest step forward in water treatment in 50 years and has the potential to benefit every corner of the globe – from industrial wastewater clean-up and high value mineral extraction to rural drinking water.

About Te-Tech Process Solutions

Te-Tech Process Solutions, as part of the Trant Group, is a fast-growing company providing innovative products using advanced process technologies for water and wastewater treatment. Te-Tech’s products are designed, manufactured and assembled off-site for rapid delivery, installation and commissioning. With in-house capability including process, mechanical and electrical design, digital engineering, operational optimisation and real-time control, Te-Tech has the flexibility to engineer bespoke systems to meet the exacting needs of clients in the municipal, industrial and commercial water and wastewater sectors.

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