Createch 360 is an operational intelligence platform that supports real-time control and decision making to reduce operational and carbon costs, enhancing reliability and meeting permit limits for full site compliance.

Using real-time monitoring and advanced data management and implementing cutting edge data analysis and artificial intelligence algorithms, Createch 360 implements the most effective operation of the Wastewater Treatment Works.

With Te-Tech’s in house System Integration expertise, we can install, commission and provide ongoing support for our optimisation solution.

With over 140 installations worldwide, Createch 360 is a modular and flexible platform that is compatible with WTWs of any size, setup, or process technology.

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Createch 360 is rapidly deployable and has demonstrable benefits across wastewater and sludge treatment

Createch 360 modules can be configured to focus on specific elements of the wastewater treatment process as detailed below:


The N-Removal module provides the most appropriate oxygen dynamic set point and N/DN strategy to optimise nitrogen removal performance. Ensuring nutrient levels are achieved at the lowest energy cost.

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Provides the most appropriate oxygen dynamic set point to optimise organic matter removal with minimum energy cost,

Air production & distribution

Based on real-time oxygen demand, provides a strategy that guarantees oxygen levels applying dynamic pressure control, ensuring the maximum aeration system efficiency at a suitable MOV scenario.

Internal recirculation

Adjusts internal recirculation pumping according to nitrate levels, treated flow and retention in the anoxic chambers.

External recirculation

Optimises sludge recirculation according to the site’s treatment flow and sludge settlement conditions.

Advanced energy management

Analysing energy consumption, provides intelligence to other control systems to determines specific process/equipment ratios that enables early problem detection, and facilitating intervention.

Chemical phosphorus removal

Adjusts chemical dosage to maximise efficient based upon orthophosphate concentration or total phosphate in the wastewater influent/effluent.

External input of organic carbon

Ensures N-removal efficiency with by optimising consumption of  external carbon source dosing in WTWs

External nitrogen input

Adjusts dosage of an external source of nitrogen in WWTPs with an excessive COD/N ratio, which hinders cell synthesis due to lack of nutrients.

Sludge Retention Time

Based on nitrification performance and water temperature, the system adjusts the sludge waste flow (or provides recommended adjustments) to operate the process at the minimum sludge age required for achieving the desired effluent quality levels.

Optimise modules can also be configured to focus on specific elements of the sludge treatment process as detailed below:

Anaerobic digestion

Using real time monitoring of the key performance parameters (mass load, VFA/ALK ratio, biogas production, etc.), water treatment capacity is optimised and the reduction of organic matter and biogas production are maximized.

Sludge thickening

Optimises polymer dose in real time, stabilising the thickening process, increasing solids capture while reducing chemical dosing costs.

Sludge dewatering

Optimises polymer dose in real time, increase solids capture while saving money on sludge disposal and polymer costs.


Based on biogas production, storage and kWh cost, defines the cogeneration engine operating strategy to maximise power generation and/or adapt it to site power consumption patterns.

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